About the Designer (“About Me”)

by Monica Haff

I began what can only be called my “Jewelry Adventure” after a 20-year career in fashion retail that started in management at a trendy national chain and ended as a buyer for a high end evening wear store in Houston, TX.

Throughout my fashion retail career I traveled to markets in New York, Los Angeles and Paris on buying trips which were also opportunities to meet many amazing designers. After leaving the selling and buying side of retail I started a visual design company creating window displays and designing visual merchandising for independent boutiques in Houston. During that time, c. 2001, I began buying stones and studying jewelry making techniques for myself.

I come from a large family of beautiful, creative women, so you could say trying new things was in my DNA. In my naïveté I thought, “I can make jewelry”. I have no formal training so trial-and-error was the norm in my design & production process…

In 2002 I held my first trunk show featuring my own jewelry creations; and the rest, as they say, is history. I truly believe that every twist and turn has been directed by the hand of God, and every design inspiration is ultimately from Him. I prefer quality over quantity, and though many have urged me to hire people to do the production work for me, I take great satisfaction in being part of each piece that is created.

Hand twisting the tiniest of bead and wire into a lovely chain, or forming a length of wire into a cross or other form, brings such pleasure to me, and I hope to the one who will eventually own the jewelry.

–Monica Haff